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5 Home Repairs That Make Great Gifts!

Have you ever looked around every store and still not known what to get for your husband or wife? We all have. That’s what makes giving the gift of home repair so great. You already know the things around the house that they would truly appreciate. While not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on large remodels, even small repairs and upgrades can mean a lot. Here are just a few smaller updates and home repairs that make great gifts.

Give the Gift of Home Repair!
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Mount Your New TV

Home Repairs That Make Great GiftsSo you bought that 55″, 65″ or even 80″ tv. Now what? It really needs to be installed properly to be enjoyed properly. Not only will it need to be safely and securely mounted to the wall, it will also need an electrical outlet installed and wires routed. You just paid thousands of dollars for a TV, right? Why not include the installation as a part of that awesome Christmas gift?

Bathroom Vanity

An updated bathroom can really make an impact on your family’s enjoyment of your home. It can also seriously improve your home’s value. Buying a new bathroom vanity or pedestal sink can be simple enough, but installing it is often a different story. Ensuring that the plumbing is in the right place and that the vanity is mounted to the wall correctly can be a challenge. Calling upon a professional to make sure the work is done correctly can make the gift a real joy rather than a real headache.

Storage, Shelves, & Cabinets

Another one of our repairs that make great gifts is the installation of storage in various parts of your home. How many times have you wished that you could get one or even two cars (just imagine!) in your garage? Ceiling racks, bike racks, and elevated shelving can create strategic places to keep various items up and out of the way.  Laundry room cabinets are another opportunity to take a simple installation and make a huge impact. Laundry rooms can be some of the most cluttered spaces in our homes, so why not create a space for everything?

Bedroom Flooring

If your spouse is anything like most people, they want their bedroom to be a comfortable place that they enjoy retiring to after a busy day. One gift that will score huge points is getting rid of that dirty old carpet and replacing it with hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring. This won’t only brighten your loved one’s holiday, but will brighten the value of your home, as well.


Having a room painted is one of our home repairs that make great gifts because it can really change the way your loved one feels about a room. This is especially true in bedrooms and bathrooms. Painting isn’t the hardest task in the world, but it can go wrong if you don’t avoid common mistakes. Having a professional perform your paint job is a great way to give the gift of home repair and eliminate the stress of doing it yourself.

5 Home Repairs That Make Great Gifts!

While these are 5 repairs that will make great gifts, they’re certainly not the only ones. What project do you plan on giving as a gift this year? Hail a ProMaster “Home Repair Hero” today! You can schedule online, use the “Reach Out” form at the bottom of this page, or call 513-322-2914.

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