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Finding a talented and ethical painting service in Loveland is not nearly as difficult as it used to be now that ProMaster Home Repair is in the neighborhood! We employ some of the most trustworthy painters in Loveland, painters with experience that ensure you’ll be satisfied with your paint job. We’ve been working in Loveland for almost a decade and love the challenge that some of the older homes in the area provide us.

A professional paint job is harder to achieve than many people think, especially if they don’t have much painting experience. Unless you paint regularly like our craftsmen, you’ll likely to miss some common mistakes that younger painters make. Our painters are trained to prevent oversprays and drips, incorporating different techniques based on what sort of paint is used and what surface they’re painting on.

ProMaster employs not only the most talented painters but also the most ethical. You can always expect our painters to show up on time and to be polite and courteous to you and your family. They are expert painters who communicate openly and honestly with you about the work; painters who clean up after they’re done so that all you have to do is enjoy your newly painted home!

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Safety in Your Painting Service

You may be thinking what’s so dangerous about painting that you should be concerned about safety. Aside from ladder fall injuries (which are a large portion of common home repair related injuries), we’re talking about keeping yourself safe from financial loss too.

Have you ever wondered who’s liable for the injury if a painter you hired falls off a ladder on your property? In Ohio, if the painting company doesn’t have workers’ compensation coverage, it’s the homeowner who’s liable for injured because, according to the state of Ohio, the homeowner is the painter’s employer. Makes you think twice about hiring an uninsured painter, especially when so many painters in Loveland subcontract their work. In those cases, you likely have no idea who’s showing up to paint until they’re knocking on your door. Some homeowners are okay with complete strangers working in and around their home or family, but many are not, and for good reason. Always make sure whoever you hire can provide proper paperwork certifications and proof of insurance.

Another thing is that homes in Loveland and across the state are getting bigger and more complex, meaning the painting projects themselves get more difficult. Old painting techniques are improved and replaced by new tools and technology. You want a painting contractor that can stay on top of those changes.

Cheap Paint Work Looks Cheap

Though there are exceptions, it’s practically a maxim that cheap things are cheap for a reason. We understand a homeowner’s concern over costs, and sometimes choosing to hire a cheaper painting contractor is the correct course of action. But not always. Whatever money is saved on a paint job or home repair usually ends up being reinvested when whatever corner was cut needs to be addressed. It’s smart to be safe with your money, but, as long as the company you hire is honest and fair, working with a established company may be the best choice for a homeowner. Many times, the discounts these companies receive can offset the high labor costs of skilled craftsmen.

Why Choose ProMaster for your Paint Job?

If you don’t believe us by now that we value treating our customers with the utmost honesty and professionalism, there’s little more I can do to convince you otherwise besides encouraging you to do the research on us. Check us out at 3rd parties like the BBB and HomeAdvisor, or read our reviews and testimonials and decide for yourself whether we’re the right company with you.

Giving your home a new coat of paint is a great opportunity to make additional changes and quality-of-life improvements to the house. One of the best reasons to hire a ProMaster Home Repair Hero, besides our reputation, is the fact that our craftsmen are trained to handle a wide variety of home repairs extending far beyond painting services. So if there’s minor trim damage, a missing/broken light fixture, or there’s a nice spot on the wall for some shelving, our guys can take care of it as part of their project, often resulting in saved time and money.

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