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Basement Remodeling Services

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Basement Remodeling Services

Loveland Basement Remodeling Services

We here at ProMaster Home Repair have been performing basement remodels in Loveland for over ten years. Many homeowners with unfinished basements use them for little more than storage and housing their HVAC equipment. That’s an entire floor of your home that’s largely going unused or under-utilized! Homeowners in Loveland and elsewhere often decide on a basement remodel when they need some extra living space or want a designated area for their office or studio.

That being said, a basement remodel should not be something you undertake lightly. While a basement remodel can increase your home’s resale value and improve your standard of living, they’re expensive and time-consuming.

Basement Remodels are Serious Investments

Basement remodels are some of our craftsmen’s favorite projects because of the sheer variety within in project. Every homeowner has a different purpose or vision with their basement remodel, and we love turning it into a reality. As with most big projects like this, there are a million things to consider before committing to a basement remodel.

One of the first questions you as the homeowner should ask yourself is: what do I want to use my basement for? An at-home bar? A guest bedroom? A child’s playroom? Whatever your goal, the decision you make will affect almost every aspect of the basement remodel, from how many rooms you need to where your lights should be placed. It can also affect your home’s resale value more or less depending on what sort of basement remodel you’re going for. Adding a bedroom, for example, is one of the quickest ways to increase resale value.

Basement Remodels - What You Should Know

Sufficient waterproofing is one of the most important aspects of any basement remodel. Basements, by their very nature, are susceptible to water intrusion, and the last thing you want is to watch all your work get ruined by water coming through the foundation. Before any significant work is started, your craftsman must make sure all cracks or fissures are found and repaired.

Because they’re underground, basements are frequently colder than the rest of the house. Keep that in mind when designing your basement remodel because improper insulation can do a number on your comfort and your energy bill. Some homeowners also opt to add sound insulation to keep sound from spreading to the rest of the home, or vice versa.

Basements also tend to be darker than the rest of the home--there aren’t typically many windows down there. This is important because you’ll want the floor properly and efficiently lighted. This may affect the way your craftsman wires your basement, but it should also make you consider what colors you’ll be painting the walls with. You’ll still need properly placed lights, but brighter colored paints often help make the most out of a badly lighted situation.

Another important consideration is the type of ceiling in your basement will have. Basements often have visible HVAC and plumbing running across the ceiling. The choice is usually between a hard ceiling like drywall and a soft one like a drop ceiling. Drywall looks great and covers those pipes and vents up neatly; the problem comes when you need access those pipes. Holes will have to be made and patches will have to performed. A drop ceiling, on the other hand, doesn’t usually look as nice and is flimsy in comparison, but it serves its purpose and makes future repairs as simple as moving a panel aside.

The next thing you should consider with your basement remodel is how heating and cooling will function on the floor. Basements often house all the equipment, but rarely is any of that equipment set up to work on the basement floor itself. The way it’s set up is critically important; poor air circulation can lead to hot/cold spots and energy inefficiency.

Making sure everything works right is important, but making sure everything looks good is important too. You don’t want entering your basement to feel like entering a different home. Matching trim, banisters, fixtures, etc., can be hard to find, but hiring a company like ProMaster that often taps suppliers and manufacturers makes it easier.

Why Choose ProMaster for your Basement Remodel?

While we have no doubt over our craftsmanship, the biggest reason our clients pick us over our competitors isn’t just because we know how to patch a wall. It’s because we’re ethical craftsmen who respect our clients’ time, property, and concerns. None of our competitors can make claims like we do because we practice what we preach.

  • Named a "Big 50 Award" National Industry Leader by Remodeling Magazine in 2012.
  • Recognized for Marketplace Ethics as the 2017 BBB Torch Award Winner and two-time finalist.
  • Member of Greater Cincinnati and Clermont County Chambers of Commerce
  • Consistently high reviews across numerous third party platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and others.
  • Work with local and nationwide apprenticeship programs like Scarlet Oaks and Praxis that give people a unique chance at starting careers in the trade industry.

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