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If you have any experience dealing with carpentry companies in Milford and elsewhere, you’ll know that no two are the same. We at ProMaster are all too aware of the poor reputation that carpenters in general are plagued by as we often find ourselves repairing other carpenters' shoddy work. But with ProMaster serving the Milford area, getting a reliable and ethical carpenter to complete your cabinet project or door frame repair isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be.

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ProMaster Home Repair provides homeowners in Milford with a wide range of interior and exterior carpentry services and repairs. ProMaster craftsmen are professionals who have honed their carpentry skills through years of experience, but what truly sets us apart is our commitment to customer service and providing an ethical and on-time carpentry service to Milford homeowners.

Unlike other carpenters in Milford, our craftsmen are much more than carpenters. They are trained electricians, painters, plumbers, drywall patchers, and more. Being multi-skilled enables our craftsmen to handle more complicated repairs that often take more than one contractor to perform. Read on to learn how we can help with your next carpentry project.

There are hundreds of different carpentry services we perform in the Milford area. Here are just a few examples of the carpentry projects we can do for you. Just remember, if you don’t see your project on the list doesn’t mean we don’t do it!

Carpentry - Interior

Carpentry - Exterior

  • Repair Deck, Fence, Railing, Stairs
  • Brick Molding, Doors, Trim
  • Fascia, Framing, Siding, Soffits
  • Roofs, Windows, Sheds, Pergolas

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Milford Carpentry Projects

Any carpenter worth his salt will tell you that he never stops perfecting and improving his craft. In deck building for instance--one of the most common exterior home carpentry projects we perform--our craftsmen can provide ideas and options that a regular homeowner may not think of. Deck size and type should be determined by the activities that will take place on it. Because every home and project is different, we recommend that you work with a professional custom carpentry company to help you determine the best options for your project.

Weatherproofing exterior carpentry projects is also critical for their longevity. The climate should indicate what type of material should be used to build a deck or porch, whether wood or some weather resistant construction material will do. Caulking should be used as a sealant to help protect against weather elements. While the soffit, fascia and siding will add decoration and style to a home, selecting the correct materials and installing them correctly will provide optimum efficiency and reliability.

Shelving, closet rod installation and wallpapering are examples of jobs more easily tackled by the avid "do-it-yourselfer," but for more complicated interior or exterior carpentry projects to be successful, they should be performed by a highly skilled craftsman. Stair railings, crown molding, custom cabinetry, interior trim, wainscoting and wood floor repairs, for example, aren't often tackled by average homeowners.

If any carpentry project is more than you feel comfortable tackling, ProMaster is happy to help. ProMaster craftsmen will do a professional job, sticking to project time line, cleaning up any mess involved in the job and leaving your home improved and ready for your enjoyment. You can contact us by email at [email protected] or call (513) 322-2914.

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