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How We Saved a Homeowner $29,921 on Window Replacement [Video]

How We Saved a Homeowner
on Window Replacement

This homeowner almost paid over $30,000 for a complete window replacement she didn’t even need! Watch the video to find out what happened, and how you can avoid finding yourself in a similar position.

Hear the Story – Video


The worst part of this story is the multiple layers of poor business practice. Not only did the home inspector misdiagnose the issue, and not only did the window “experts” miss the real problem, but whoever painted the home in the first place didn’t do their job right either! Three different companies, and three costly mistakes, all of which could have been avoided by calling ProMaster Home Repair in the first place. Because our craftsmen are multi-disciplined experts, we could have completed ALL of this homeowner’s required work, from paint to inspection to window replacement (had she actually needed it).

These sorts of questionable business practices are not as uncommon as many homeowners would like to believe. In fact, that’s part of the reason why the handyman industry has a particularly poor reputation when it comes to honesty and fairness. It’s not necessarily a handyman’s dishonesty that can create a situation like this homeowner’s, either; a lack of knowledge and experience can cause an honest, well-intentioned handyman to make a simple–but no less costly–mistake.

If our craftsman Doug hadn’t been there to provide his expert opinion, there’s a good chance the homeowner would have paid over $30,000 for something they didn’t even need! If that doesn’t prove that getting an expert opinion is worth a small upfront cost, we don’t know what is, especially if it’s in regard to a big and expensive home improvement or repair.

Paid Evaluations!? Are We Crazy?

Some think so. What we think is crazy, though, is expecting an honest, experienced, and in-demand professional to drive all around town for free. When a company does offer to come out for free, they almost certainly don’t send their best craftsman; that guy is valuable to the company when he’s out doing what he does best–repair and service, not offering free estimates.

On-Time, Family-Friendly Service

On-Time, Family-Friendly Service

This homeowner’s story is a perfect example of this. Had an actual window repair professional been there in the first place, the homeowner could have saved a lot of time and stress. Doug, our craftsman, spotted the problem immediately, and didn’t even require tools to solve it. Either the “experts” weren’t knowledgeable enough to notice the (quite obvious) paint seal, or they didn’t care enough to inform the homeowner. Either way, the homeowner would have lost out.

The truth is there really is no such thing as a “free” estimate. Even a company that doesn’t charge upfront has to cover its costs somehow. Sometimes that translates to higher repair costs in the quote, and sometimes it means sending their less qualified guys out. And sometimes both.

ProMaster is one of the very few home improvement companies that doesn’t waste it’s time with hiring salesmen or subcontractors. We rely on and have faith in the ability of our talented craftsmen to provide a unique, premium evaluation service that the home improvement industry is in desperate need of.

For homeowners searching for an on-time, honest, and technical professional to offer them advice on their project, paying a small service charge is not unreasonable, especially when doing so can save you money down the road by avoiding shoddy and/or entirely unnecessary repair-work.

Need Window Replacement or Repair?

Of course we value providing our customers with honest and informed evaluations, but once a quote is accepted, our guys are even better at completing the actual work. Check out our other posts and case studies regarding window sash repair, window repair vs. replacementwindow leaks, how to spot and prevent window leaks, and so much more!


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