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Custom Built-In Bookshelves

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Custom Bookshelves

Custom Built-Ins, Bookcases, Shelving, and More

Custom Built-Ins In Hyde Park

Having custom-made built-in bookshelves, closets, or mantles can mean far more than just improving the look of your home. When built by a Master Craftsman like the guys at ProMaster Home Repair, shelves like these can improve your way of life by giving you and your family extra storage space along with a beautiful look. ProMaster expertly crafts custom built-ins in Hyde Park that will you will be proud to have in your home for many years to come.

There are a lot of things ProMaster can't help you with. We can't help you eat better, stop yelling at the kids, or get you that job you've always wanted. What we can do, however, is help you improve the look and functionality of your home with custom built-ins in Hyde Park, whether bookshelves, closets, fireplaces, or something else.

How Can Custom Bookcases, Shelving, and Built-Ins  Help Your Home?

Everybody says they want to get more organized, but ProMaster can actually help you do it! Similar to work or school, our happiness with our home is a function of efficiency, ease, and aesthetic appeal.

With custom built-ins in Hyde Park, ProMaster can add beautiful storage to any room in your home, built to your desired specifications. Our bookcases and built-in bookshelves are much higher quality than the pressboard products you'll find in most box stores.  Whether you want a painted finish or a rich stain, our creations are built with real woods that won’t chip, peel, or warp as time goes on. That's more than you can say for those other “imitation” shelving products. If you want the real thing, call ProMaster.

I Love Built-In Bookshelves… But Can I Afford Them?

Certainly, everyone would love to have custom built-ins in every room and closet of their home to get more organized.  The problem is that we usually don't think we can afford it. Even if you're planning on selling your home, renovations like these don’t always have a great return on investment when you sell.

Cheaper alternatives are no good either, with most being flimsy, easily damaged, and made of cheap materials. While they may be affordable, low-quality bookshelves usually necessitate home assembly and provide marginal performance and longevity (and that's being generous).

Until now, there really hasn’t been an acceptable solution. What ProMaster can provide, however, is the same quality built-in systems that a craftsman would construct by hand, with the cost efficiency of a computer-controlled, machine-made product.

Custom Carpentry Examples by ProMaster

The Master Craftsmen of ProMaster are proud to offer this exciting line of custom carpentry in Hyde Park that offers the precision craftsmanship of custom-built in bookcases, shelves and specialty units without the ridiculous price.

Call ProMaster for Custom-Built… Anything!

With our custom carpentry options, you can add storage to your home and make it more beautiful.  To get started organizing your space with these gorgeous additions, call ProMaster of Cincinnati at 513-724-0539 or visit us on the web at  As always, we’d love to be your friend us on Facebook, keyword “ProMaster Craftsmen”.

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