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Liberty Township Carpentry Service & Repair

Although a wonderful neighborhood to live and grow up in, Liberty Township is not exactly known for an abundance of professional and ethical carpenters. Drive through the township during the day and you’ll see the many homes with porches, patios and decks, some of which we built ourselves.

As much as we’d like to admit otherwise, carpenters in Liberty Township aren’t much more dependable than craftsmen elsewhere. We know because we’re the guys homeowners in Liberty Township call to fix the other carpenters’ work after a temporary fix fails! With ProMaster now in your area, you no longer have to settle for a second-rate carpentry service or repair in Liberty Township.

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Is ProMaster the Carpenter for you?

ProMaster Home Repair provides homeowners in Liberty Township with a variety of carpentry repairs and services, including both interior and exterior projects. Our tradesmen are consummate professionals who have honed their carpentry skills through years of experience--a couple of them since childhood--but, simply put, that doesn’t mean our company is perfect for everyone.

If all you need is a carpenter to nail a few boards together for you, there are countless craftsmen on Craigslist that can do that. Or if all you’re looking for is to spend as little money as possible, you probably won’t be too happy with our pricing, and that’s okay. Like we said we’re not for everyone. We’re more for the Liberty Township homeowner who is in search of a experienced carpenter that has great reviews and references, someone who knows what they’re doing and can be trusted not to cut corners. Our craftsmen arrive on time as scheduled, maintain an open and honest line of communication with their clients, and never do anything to undermine the ethical standards our company stands by.

Another great thing about hiring ProMaster for your carpentry project in Liberty Township is the fact that our craftsmen are more than just carpenters. They are multi-discipline experts trained in electrical repair, plumbing, drywall and plaster, paint, and much more. This enables our them to deal with more complicated repairs that otherwise may take more than one contractor to perform. It also means they’re less likely to make a mistake and accidently cut into a wire behind the wall, for instance.

The most important reason our clients choose us over the competition, however, is our dedication to providing an on-time, family-friendly, and ethical carpentry service or repair. Even if it costs them a little bit extra upfront, they know it means they save in the long run by hiring a carpenter that they can trust. If hiring carpenters with integrity matters to you, read on to learn how ProMaster can help with your next carpentry project.

Liberty Township Carpentry Service & Repair

There are hundreds of different carpentry services we perform in the Liberty Township area. Here are just a few examples of the carpentry projects we can do for you. Just remember, if you don’t see your project on the list doesn’t mean we don’t do it!

Common Liberty Township Carpentry Projects

Carpentry - Interior

Carpentry - Exterior

  • Repair Deck, Fence, Railing, Stairs
  • Brick Molding, Doors, Trim
  • Fascia, Framing, Siding, Soffits
  • Roofs, Windows, Sheds, Pergolas

Liberty Township Carpentry Gallery

Why Experience Matters in Carpentry

A good craftsman always enjoys the opportunity to test and improve his or her skills, and our carpenters are no different. Having built as many decks and porches as they have, their knowledge is downright invaluable for providing ideas and options that a regular homeowner may overlook. Deck size and type, for instance, should be determined by what you plan to use if for; a competent carpenter can, after asking a few important questions, offer suggestions that best serve your needs.

They can also offer maintenance tips. Weatherproofing exterior carpentry projects, for instance, is critical for their longevity, a fact that homeowners with wooden structures like porches should be informed about. The climate should indicate what type of material should be used to build a deck or porch, whether wood or some weather resistant construction material will do. Caulking should be used as a sealant to help protect against weather elements. While the soffit, fascia and siding will add decoration and style to a home, selecting the correct materials and installing them correctly will provide optimum efficiency and reliability.

Shelving, closet rod installation and wallpapering are examples of jobs more easily tackled by the avid "do-it-yourselfer," but more complicated interior or exterior carpentry projects should be assessed and performed by an experienced carpenter to ensure success.

Liberty Township Carpentry Services from ProMaster

If any carpentry project is more than you feel comfortable tackling, ProMaster is happy to help. Over the years, Liberty Township homeowners’ worries can be summed up into these three concerns: craftsmanship, cleanliness, and communication. They justifiably worry about the quality of their carpentry project, about what sort of mess the craftsman will leave them with, and/or whether or not the carpenter might walk out on them mid-project (which happens more often than you might like). We train our carpenters to counter those concerns; with ProMaster, you’re guaranteed expert craftsmanship, constant and open communication, and a cleaned up workspace when all is said and done. If that sounds good to you, can contact us by email at or give us a call at (513) 322-2914.

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