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Company News


If you are a longtime customer of ProMaster Home Repair, you have probably noticed many changes over the years. If this is your first experience with us, it’s a great chance to see where we’ve come from and our passion for the work we do. This past year saw many changes in how we do business. Our dedication to continuously improving our service led us to overhaul many processes and recreate the entire brand. We implemented new measures to ensure you get the better service than you do anywhere else. We want to give our customers the best experience. We strive not only be leaders in home improvement, but the service industry as a whole!


ProMaster’s History


Below is a video describing the history of ProMaster, from a concept in Don Kennedy‘s mind while on-base as an Air Force Pilot to one of the largest home improvement companies in Cincinnati.





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Our Home Repair Heroes love to help people keep their homes functional and beautiful. Read the latest tips and updates from ProMaster!

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