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Help! My Bay Window Is Leaking [Video]

One of the calls we get most often at ProMaster is for window leaks. Water finding its way into a home through and around windows can be a nightmare. Thankfully, there are some common reasons this happens, and knowing them is helpful to both the homeowner and the craftsman. When a bay window is leaking from and through its ceiling, however, the cause is usually a bit different. If your bay window is leaking, causing water stains or even dripping into your home, the problem should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent major repairs. Damage to your drywall, insulation, and even flooring could occur. That’s why our team has put together some helpful hints on where to look first.

Tracking down the cause of a leak can be tricky, as you’ll see in the video below. If you have questions, or if your leak requires work on a ladder that you’re uncomfortable with, just call ProMaster!


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Your bay window is leaking? It might be the flashing.

One of the great things about a bay window is that it creates an open and bright feeling in a room. This bump-out from your home’s framing, however, creates several opportunities for water to get in. Flashing is used to help prevent this. This thin, waterproof material can be made of metal or synthetic materials. Its job is to prevent water from getting behind or under the roofing material used on your bay window.

On homes with vinyl or other siding, this flashing will be tucked behind the siding itself. This overlap keeps water flowing down the outside of your home. If your siding has come loose or your flashing has been improperly installed or sealed, water could get behind the flashing. It can then find its way into your walls and ceilings.

Owners of brick homes will often find their bay window is leaking because of flashing failures as well. This is due to the different way flashing is typically installed on these homes. Because flashing can’t be installed behind a brick facade, it is often attached vertically to the brick facade and sealed with caulk or tar. Over time, this sealant could crack or otherwise wear out. Ensuring that this seal is still effective is key to solving your leak. Additionally, you can also cut a small groove into the brick, tucking the flashing inside and then sealing. This can provide an additional layer of protection, leading rain water away from the interior of your home.

Your bay window is leaking? It might be the window above it.

Some homeowners are surprised to find out that the leak in their bay window might actually be from the window above it. Window leaks can have many causes, but the primary one we see is deteriorating or missing caulk. If there is a second floor window directly above your bay window, poor caulking on that window could be the cause of the leak. Water can get in and around the upstairs window, work its way down the wall, finding its first barrier in the form of your bay window ceiling. It can then cause staining, dripping, or enter your living area through a light fixture.

Getting up to the second floor window should be done safely, but scraping away the old caulk and installing new caulk could make all the difference.

Help! My bay window is leaking!

As we’ve said, there can be many reasons for a window leak. That means the process of elimination in finding the source of the problem can be multiple steps. If you’d like some help finding the cause of your leaking bay window, no problem. Simply contact ProMaster Home Repair! Our “Home Repair Heroes” would love to help you keep the rain on the outside of your home where it belongs. You can schedule online, use the “Reach Out” form at the bottom of this page, or call 513-322-2914.


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