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Box Gutter Lining is Only as Good as Its “Seams”

Box Gutter Lining is Only as Good as its Seams…

Aside from sports teams and chili, Cincinnati is known for its historic architecture. While there is much to appreciate in owning an older home, living in one is far from hassle-free. Maintenance and proper care are essential for longevity and resale value, and one of the most overlooked aspects of any home in this regard is its box gutter lining.

Box Gutter Lining Video – It’s All About the Seams


As you can tell, this was not this box gutter’s first repair. The metal itself is in relatively good shape, but the real problem lies with the seam. Loose nails and tar stains reveal the many failed attempts at keeping the seam intact, and water has since leaked into the soffit and onto the wooden porch. As a result, the mold and wood rot was so widespread that a full-fledged porch replacement was required.

Don’t make the same mistake these homeowners did and let a small problem become a big one! You can avoid all this hassle with our ProMaster Box Gutter Shield, a seamless box gutter liner that offers a permanent solution to your box gutter woes for a fraction of the cost.

Box Gutter Lining a Common Problem for Cincinnati Homes

Box gutters liner are common on many historic buildings in the Greater Cincinnati area and as such are a problem we at ProMaster encounter a lot. So much so, in fact, that we developed our own method of repairing box gutter lining: the ProMaster Box Gutter Shield.

If you’re a homeowner with box gutter lining issues or have had them in the past and haven’t watched our video yet, you have yet to discover the solution to all your box gutter liner problems! Watch the video and see how a traditional box gutter lining seam can fail, what problems that could cause, and how our revolutionary seamless liner can protect you against such an outcome once and for all.

Our Seamless Box Gutter Lining is Better

Problems You Can AVOID with Our Box Gutter Lining Solution:


Resulting Wood Rot from Failed Box Gutter Seam

  • Wood Rot
  • Ceiling Leaks
  • Soffit & Fascia Damage
  • Foundation Damage
  • Roof Damage
  • Wall & Window Damage
  • and more…


If you’ve already watched the video, you’ve seen how much grief a simple but common box gutter lining problem—a failed seam—can cause a homeowner.

No other handyman in Cincinnati offers a seamless, permanent, and maintenance-free solution like ours. This Duro-Last PVC option has been proven effective over decades of commercial use, and our unique installation method makes us the only company bringing this product to the residential market.

A typical box gutter lining repair includes relining or replacing the entire gutter with aluminum or copper or some other metal. These liners are not only expensive, they require a lot of regular maintenance too. They also come in pre-manufactured sizes, meaning seams are unavoidable in order to fit a particular roof.


Failed Box Gutter Lining Seam

Despite even the most talented craftsmen’s efforts, time and exposure will cause the traditional seams to expand and retract. Water will eventually find a way in and potentially cause far more damage to other parts of the home, such as the porch featured in the video.

Again, this is why our seamless box gutter lining is a superior product to all the other options out there. It can be heat welded together to adjust for size and length without creating a single seam in the process, but it’s also tough, capable of standing up to the elements all year long. And if it ever were to get damaged, repairs are simple and affordable, unlike its metal counterparts.


Heat Welded Box Gutter Lining

When all is said and done, our box gutter lining would look something like the picture to the right. Because we heat welded the material into one solid piece, it won’t come apart, nor will you have to maintain it regularly!

No Seams = No Worries
  • ZERO Maintenance Required
  • Easily Repaired if Damaged
  • More Affordable Than Metal
  • Avoid Costly Reconstruction
  • Permanent Solution
  • Stands Up to the Elements All Year Round

Modern Solution to an Age Old Box Gutter Lining Problem

As Cincinnati’s premiere home repair company, we find ourselves doing these sorts of box gutter lining repairs all too often. While that’s in part due to Cincinnati being an architectural hot-spot for homes featuring this classic style of gutter, it’s in larger part due to the lack of any real innovation in the residential roofing industry.

Most companies resort to the same methods and materials that have been used for decades. Tar and other sealants are used as temporary solutions and costly relining or replacement options are sometimes offered, but most of these companies simply don’t like doing box gutter lining repairs because of the level of expertise required. And age old solutions only result in age old problems.

But thanks to our new and unique box gutter liner, you don’t have to resort to extreme and expensive measures to maintain your property. Using Duro-Last’s proven PVC membrane, our craftsmen have developed an installation method that protects against future costly repairs while preserving your home’s value and antiquity. Your home’s box gutter can retain its original construction, and you can rest assured knowing your home is protected.

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