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Door Leaks

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Door Leaks

Need a Door Leak Repair in Cincinnati?

A door leak repair in Cincinnati is one of the more common calls we receive here at ProMaster Home Repair. A door leak often starts with a damaged or improperly installed door frame. There are all types of ways your door frame can get damaged, and sometimes the damage is very obvious, sometimes not. In fact, the more difficult to spot your door frame damage, the worse it may be in the long run.

Problems may manifest as discoloration, in broken or missing pieces, or bubbling and peeling paint. Each is an indication of a different cause that sometimes needs to be dealt with before making it look like new again. Check out our door frame repair video before to learn a bit about one of the most commons causes of a door leak.

Door Leak Repair Cincinnati Video

Frame Damage Examples That Lead to a Door Leak Repair

The more common damage we see done to a door frame is from furniture being moved or a pet nibbling or scratching. Other times what looks like a chipped piece of wood turns out to be a symptom of extensive wood rot that needs urgent attention and replacement. Door leaks are often the culprits when wood rot is spotted on your door frame.

If you see anything like in one of the pictures on this page, you should probably consider getting a door frame repair sooner rather than later.


Sometimes there is nothing a homeowner can do about requiring a door leak repair; poor installation, where the door frame installer didn’t caulk, seal and paint properly, or left glaring nail holes behind like you see in the picture. This sort of lazy installation can lead to some serious problems such as water intrusion and wood rot. It’s an unacceptable way to install trim that any craftsman worth his salt would never do, and yet it happens all the time—we know because we’re often fixing them! In cases like that, patching the door leak would be neither appropriate nor effective as the underlying wood is completely decayed.

Finally, take a look at the corner of any door frame you suspect may need a door leak repair. Just above that corner is a place where water likes to pool and eventually find its way in, causing the unprotected wood underneath to begin rotting. Consequently, you’ll likely see other symptoms like bubbling or warping. Inexperienced or lazy painters—or just painters who aren’t carpenters—tend to simply paint over something like that, which is actually even worse than leaving it untouched entirely. Shortcuts like that just hide the real problem, but time will only exacerbate the condition make repairs even more expensive in the future.

Try gently prodding a suspicious-looking frame if you suspect a door leak. If there’s a serious issue, you should be able to feel the corner disintegrating under the pressure, revealing that the scope of damage may be far greater than you could tell by just looking at the surface.

How to Avoid Requiring a Door Leak Repair in Cincinnati

When you’re on the market for a door leak repair in Cincinnati, there are at least 2 simple rules you should follow in order to avoid some of the issues already mentioned. Here they are:

  1. Avoid cheap door installers. A cheap craftsman will cost you more in the long run when you have to start repairing his "repairs." It may be initially more expensive, but hiring a company like ProMaster that warranties their work can provide some serious peace-of-mind!
  2. Perform periodic door frame maintenance. Just like your car, your door frames need to be kept in good shape throughout the year in order to avoid requiring a door leak repair. Look for any nail heads that may have uncovered since you last looked; check for any cracks in the wood; and make sure there is no bare wood exposed to a potential moisture source. These intrusion areas should be sealed with the proper caulking compound and finished with a matching paint job. Repeat this process several times a year for best results.
    Many homeowners are perfectly capable of inspections themselves; you’ll likely not need a professional until you actually spot something that makes you worry.

But don’t worry too much. Most times even extensive door leak repair in Cincinnati can be completed without replacing or requiring an entirely new door. If you are happy with the look of a particular door and the rest of the frame is in serviceable condition, this option is often the most cost-effective solution.

Let ProMaster Do My Door Leak Repair in Cincinnati

ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman of Cincinnati is a great choice for those who don’t have the time or inclination to perform their own door leak repairs. Whether you notice peeling paint or damaged wood, ProMaster has a skilled team of professionals who understand that attention to detail, artistry and precise craftsmanship are the keys to success in any door leak repair project.

Our Master Craftsmen are professionals who have honed their carpentry skills by experience and a quest for perfection. Keep in mind that these craftsmen aren’t just carpenters; they are skilled at other home repair tasks like drywall repair, concrete & masonry, drywall & paint, electrical, flooring & tile, plumbing and roofing. Our multi-skilled craftsmen represent a distinct advantage over other repair contractors due to their ability to perform numerous tasks associated with a door leak repair project.

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