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Box Gutter Liner – Heat Weld Demonstration Video

Heat Welded Box Gutter Liner Video

In the video, our craftsman welds two sample sheets of our unique thermoplastic material together to demonstrate how the process works. By heat welding the unique Duro-Last PVC membrane, we can create a seamless box gutter liner and custom fit it to any box gutter in Cincinnati.


Just How Tough is Our Box Gutter Liner? Watch Us Try Ripping it Apart Using 2 Super-Duty F-250s! Click HERE!

Seamless Box Gutter Durability Test

Seamless Box Gutter Durability Test


Modernize Your Box Gutter Liner

box gutter liner seam promaster cincinnati

Box gutters and their repairs haven’t changed all that much in the century or so that they’ve existed. Most handyman companies resort to traditional means of repairing seams such as tar, nails, and rubber. None of them are seamless, and none of them provide the long lasting solution.

With this seamless box gutter liner, ProMaster has solved one of the most common box gutter problems–box gutter seams. It may “seam” like no big deal, but a leaky box gutter liner can cause tremendous amounts of water damage, like the kind in this video. Wood rot, siding damage, and window damage are just some of the repairs we run into that have been caused by a failed box gutter seam.

The ONLY Permanent Box Gutter Liner Solution

There are dozens of options for a homeowner looking to repair or replace their box gutter liner, but they can cost you thousands more and none can offer a seamless solution like ours. Most repairs offer a quick or temporary fix, which is okay sometimes. But if you’re looking to protect your home and repair your box gutter liner once and for all, look no further.

Beyond permanence, our box gutter liner solution ends up being more affordable than its metal counterparts as well. It requires no maintenance on behalf of the homeowner, and if it ever were to get damaged, a repair is as simple as the process featured in the video above. With ProMaster, you can avoid so many potential problems with a single repair!

Don’t Believe Us? Then Believe Our Customers!

Retain Your Home’s Value

We hear that “buying a home is always a good investment,” but as anyone who owned a home in 2008 knows better. While global economic fluctuations are out of your control, proper repair and maintenance of your home are not, and ProMaster’s seamless box gutter liner can help make your life easier in that regard.

box gutter liner before & after promaster cincinnatiWhat makes box gutters different from ordinary gutters is that they are built into the house itself as opposed to being exterior attachments to the roof. This makes box gutters extremely expensive to replace, requiring massive reconstruction around the entire home. Removing them all-together is another option (though still costly), but some sort of gutter system is still required and most homeowners don’t want to alter their home’s original construction.

Installing our box gutter liner means you care about the state your home is in now as well as thirty years from now when your grandchildren are running around. It means you quality of work and materials when you hire a handyman. It means you’ve done the research and know that ProMaster and the solution we offer is best on the market.

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  1. Speaking from experience, keeping up on your health maintenance will 100% retain the value of your house. I learned the hard way how important it is to have functioning gutters. Unfortunately, I waited until I needed a new roof and had to install new vinyl siding on one side of my house! Best to be proactive and get box gutters or better protectors now.

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