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Light Installation

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Light Installation in Hyde Park

The lighting in your home isn't just about utility, it's about beauty. Changing how your home is lit can be transformational.  Unfortunately, that transformation isn’t always a good one, especially when poor installation is involved. A light socket installed in the wrong place (or the absence of one) can render a room useless in the evenings. Then you're only option is adding expensive table and floor lamps.

It may seem strange, but we have seen finished basements with completely unlit corners; some so dark you wouldn't go into them without a police escort. When finishing a space like a basement, or renovating a living or bedroom, it's so important to have someone involved in the process who understands what kind of lighting is best and where it should be placed.

ProMaster Home Repair offers light installation in Hyde Park. We provide ethical, on-time, and family-friendly craftsmen who will complete your installation right the first time. Our employees are insured and background-checked, and our work is warrantied. That means that you can be confident about the respect they will show for you and your home. Plus, our craftsmen are all multi-disciplined. They can repair any drywall or other damage that is often a result of a light installation in Hyde Park.

Exterior & Interior Lights Installation in Hyde Park

We work on lighting projects of all kinds. One week we may be doing indoor lighting installation in Hyde Park, the next week we're installing exterior light fixtures. Because outdoor fixtures are subject to the rain, ice and snow, they need to be installed with extra care. Wires must be run in such a way that they won't come into contact with those elements. Otherwise they can endanger the home and the family living there.

At ProMaster, we do these things in a careful and professional manner. We even install Christmas light displays during "the most wonderful time of year." And during the rest of the year, our craftsman have the expertise to complete your light installation in Hyde Park. Our craftsmen have years of experience installing flood lights, motion-activated lights, track lighting, and more. From running wires to repairing drywall, they can complete every aspect of a successful light installation in Hyde Park.

Why Choose ProMaster for your Light Installation?

Perhaps even more important than our technical expertise, ProMaster is a team of ethical craftsmen who respect you time, property, and family.

  • Named a "Big 50 Award" National Industry Leader by Remodeling Magazine in 2012.
  • Recognized for Marketplace Ethics as the 2017 BBB Torch Award Winner and two-time finalist.
  • Member of Greater Cincinnati and Clermont County Chambers of Commerce
  • Consistently high reviews across numerous third party platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and others.
  • Work with local and nationwide apprenticeship programs like Scarlet Oaks and Praxis that give people a unique chance at starting careers in the trade industry.

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