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Wood Rot Repair

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Wood Rot Repair

Ohio Wood Rot Repair

Wood Rot Repair in Loveland, Ohio


ProMaster specializes in a variety of wood rot repair, both inside and outside homes in Loveland, Ohio.  We also service dry rot in Mason, Ohio and the surrounding Cincinnati Areas.

To minimize the expense and burden of a wood rot repair, it is important to act quickly on any sign of wood decay, damage or water intrusion.  Wood rot is not one of those home repairs that one should procrastinate on, as the cost for the resulting damage will tend to rise quickly over time. When you suspect that you might have a wood rot repair issue, act quickly and hire a professional service to perform the repair. Sometimes we discover wood rot when performing Christmas lights installation and set up that repair project for the Spring.

Three Important Questions Before Beginning a Wood Rot Repair

  1. Is there any animal or insect intrusion? Animal damage, carpenter ants or termites responsible for damaging the wood must be eliminated before any wood rot repair begins.  Contact a wildlife removal specialist or exterminator before hiring a home repair company to perform the wood rot repair.
  2. Can you feel or see any dampness? Water intrusion is often the primary cause of the wood rot.  Any information you can provide to your wood rot repair professional as to the potential source of water is invaluable in properly diagnosing the cause of the wood rot.
  3. Is the wood rot cosmetic or structural? Cosmetic rot in trim, soffits, or siding is certainly unsightly, but does not necessarily pose any immediate concern to the safety of the home.  Whereas wood rot in any structural framing like bandboards, sill plates, deck structures, etc. can cause additional damage to the home and potentially jeopardize the safety of those living within.

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Wood Rot &
Protect your home investment from dry rot in Loveland, Ohio

Loveland is a somewhat small city located in the state of Ohio. With a population of over 12,000 people and nine neighborhoods, Loveland is the 150th largest community in Ohio.

Loveland real estate is some of the most expensive in Ohio, although Loveland house values don’t compare to the most expensive real estate in the U.S.

Protect your real estate investment! Call us today to stop wood rot before it gets any worse!

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